TS went to shit

  • Why is my TS connection all fucked up? Eraser helped to fixed it yesterday but now I can't connect again. I don't think its anything on my end because I didn't change anything between when it was broken, fixed, and broke again. I want to figure out the problem so I don't have to bother someone every time this happens. This is the second day in a row where I wake up without connection. I don't want this nuisance to become a regular thing. Help!

  • Nothing on the server has changed in a good while, and If it's working for everyone but you I'd suspect it's not the server. Without knowing any specifics about your problem it's also hard to tell you what it could be. I'd say make sure your internet connection is stable, make sure you're not dropping connection and there's no cockroaches living in your router that might be causing issues. Also make sure you have the following ports forwarded on your router and in your firewall on the following protocols 9987 UDP, 10011 TCP and 30033 TCP and make sure UPnP is enabled on your router.

    Other than that reinstall and/or update teamspeak, but backup your soundboard and any plugins first. All I see on the TS server is that you get disconnected with the reason "connection lost."

  • I have tried all of those checks before posting or talking to anyone. My connection is stable and I can access anything (including other Teamspeak servers) but this server. The router is only a month old and looks scary enough that cockroaches wouldn't want to live there, and the correct ports have been forwarded from the beginning. I even tried restarting all systems and reinstalling the Teamspeak client to no avail. The server appears to be denying connection with the error "Failed to connect to server" for any device on this network. When I switch to tethering cellular data from my phone, which is a different network altogether, it works fine.

    Eraser said he found the fix yesterday, and it worked for a while, but he never said what the problem actually was or how he fixed it. The only difference this time is that I'm allowed to access the website, which I was unable to do so before. I tried contacting Eraser since the problem started reoccurring, but I have not received a response which is why I posted this thread. Eraser's fix had to be pretty simple because it did not take him much time for him to find it. If I knew what it was I would fix it myself, but it remains a mystery...

  • The dedicated server and web server, I believe, are on different physical servers, their IP addresses are on different subnets at least. I would check the Ethernet cables connect your pc to your router and your router to your modem (if it's separate), if they are untwisted at the connectors, crushed anywhere or have other signs of damage I'd replace them. Go to http://www.pingtest.net/ (requires Java installed, go to the website in IE) and select a server in the UK, you should have 0% packet loss and very low jitter. run the test multiple times, you should get very little variance in results.

    What brand and model is your router?

  • I checked all cables and found no problems. A factory reset of my Netgear C7000 did not help either. I do not believe this device is the problem as it has functioned without issue for an entire month. Ping and jitter are normal. Pingtest would not report packet loss, but using ping in command prompt unsurprisingly reports 100% packet loss to ts.oldschoolfighters.com (, and 0% loss to any other server that I test, including other Teamspeak servers in which I have no problems connecting to. The other day when this problem first appeared I could ping our server with no loss. I also tried disabling my antivirus/firewall and using several different DNS servers but that didn't help either.

  • Holy fuck it just started working again. 0% packet loss to server now without me changing anything on my end. Lets see how long this lasts...

  • Connecting directly to the IP in TS would completely bypass a DNS server since there's no domain name lookup that happens when connecting directly to an IP. if you haven't tried connecting directly to the TS using the IP maybe that's worth a shot. There's nothing on the server that should prevent you from accessing TS server or that would block your ping.

    Post a releveant TS client log here, please go into the full reply editor and use the code or quotation button to put it in your reply.
    C:\Users\YOUR ACCOUNT NAME\AppData\Roaming\TS3Client\logs
    OR copy this into the search box in the start menu and press enter

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    I could send you the logs through TS since I have the luxury of being able to do so for now.
    There are 13 files (10.4 MB) of logs since this problem started, but most of that is just "Failed to connect to server"

  • I was hoping it'd be more detailed than unable to connect to server, that's awfully generic. Email Teabag, maybe he'll be able to figure it out because as far as I can tell it's not an OS or TS issue on the server. You can also try changing your WAN ip by unplugging your router/modem overnight (or for 30 minutes when it's not being used) and plugging it back in, if you do email teabag send him your wan ip.