Things to add to our TacBF server

  • Thanks commie for creating our tacbf server. Here's a list of changes that I think should be made:

    • 3rd person in vehicles only (we can consider 3rd person for infantry later, but I think it's best to gauge how tacbf players react to having 3rd person in vehicles to start with)

    • One person to flip vehicle

    • Get rid of asthma attacks

    • Random trucks on the side of the road shouldn't be side-locked

    • Nametags of friendlies shouldn't disappear after some time when pressing "Y" key to show names

    feel free to make any suggestions

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol

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  • Asthma attacks are gone.

    Third person should be easy enough to make vehicle only, should probably be disabled for gunners in vehicles.

    I'll change it to 1 person to flip vehicles, but what about APCs and larger vehicles with weapons?

    can't find too much about random vehicles on the road, maybe it's something on the server you guys play on?

    The nametag thing will be more difficult because it's set by a config entry.

    Should I turn off crosshairs?

  • Yeah, get rid of crosshairs. I think TacBF uses "GetIn" eventhandler, so we'll just get rid of all "GetIn" eventhandlers and replace it with our own, should be easy.

    I think heavy vehicles should require at least 3 people (driver,gunner,commander).

    We might be able to overwrite TacBF default nametags with our own, I'll have to take a look at it.

    We NEED to remove or cut down on the grass. The way ArmA renders it is counter-intuitive, and just plain silly.

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  • There should be no crosshairs

    I vote yes for 1-person flip of any vehicle as it is almost never the player's fault when a vehicle flips (chachi and I flipped over in a tank on a wide open field and needed eight players to right the vehicle)

    I would hate to delete grass, but it does give a sense of false security to those hiding in it. The advantage should go to the player hiding in grass, but unfortunately this isn't the case because the hider cannot see anything and the people shooting at him see him lying in an open field. This should be something that we vote on at a later point in time. If we go overboard with too many changes at once, it may turn players away.

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol

  • By the way - Thanks Commie for getting that server up for us.
    OK - we have all been gathering stuff we wanted to see in our new TACBF server... And here is the list I had.

    - Name tags - Evil already mentioned this - my input was to at least make sure name tags function if you press the button.

    - Revive timer - either remove or make it much longer [something like 5-10 mins] [long enough that your team mate doesn't have to decide if it is worth the trip. It is B.S. to run 400 meters only to have your buddy die when you are 5 feet away].

    - Reduce or eliminate the requirement for multiple players present to set up FO. Again it sucks when you can't help your team unless you can find someone else to help. At most 2 players required in really big games...

    - Change those stupid time limits to really long duration. Something like 4 or 5 hours. We can't stand the damn round ending just when things are getting good...

    - Ensure that direct chat is functional. I probably already is.... I mention this only b/c it doesn't always work in those servers that do all that fancy radio voice comm shit.

    - If possible - reduce the damage tendency to vehicles. The vehicles hit a bush or a small fence and that's the end of that vehicle. If that's a difficult thing to change - can you at least make sure vehicles are stocked with all parts required to repair them. [Having 3rd person helps with this already - since most of the vehicles get fucked due to the first person issue...]

    - In addition to the vehicle damage issue - can you make it so that your character doesn't get so hurt when riding in a vehicle that hits a bush or a rock. We bump ANYTHING and your guy is all messed up and REQUIRES A MEDIC... At least we shouldn't need a medic to get healed in that situation.

    - Increase the kits available in all categories. None of this bull shit only 1 or 2 medics. Orrrr I can't destroy enemy FO b/c one of the other 30 players already took the Engineer kit. Medic and Engineer should be unlimited.. In my opinion only the sniper kit should be limited so that you don't end up with 15 snipers.. Maybe the grenadier noob tube should be limited as well..

    - Remove all attachment limitations. Basically making it not suck to be a rifleman. If you want a good scope you can put on on without having to use one of the super secret special classes...

    - Both teams should be equal with weapons attachments. I think all weapons should be available for both teams for that matter... At least have comparable attachments for both teams so that everyone doesn't go on BLUE team. Make teams equal like U.S. and N.K. in CRYSIS.

    - Get rid of all game matches that don't use FOs. None of this hideout bullshit. Both teams always have FOs. The players will love that.

    - As for the sqd rally packs. Make the tickets on them much much higher. Something like 30 tickets. None of this 12 ticket bullshit.

    - Evil suggests removing the black screen you see when changing seat positions in vehicles.

    - God mode in the base would be nice - Sucks when one stupid team mate blows up all the shit. Or at least make sure the vehicles are spaced so far apart that they can't damage each other.

  • Great suggestions. It's almost the end of my semester so finals are coming up quickly and I won't really have time to work on this stuff.

    But, most of the suggestions seem doable/ However, I can't change the damage vehicles take from collisions and I can't change the damage that passengers take from them either. I'm also not sure about the black screen when switching seats, does that happen in all A3 servers, or is it a TacBF things?

    Off the top of your head do you know which missions are the hideout ones?

  • The black screen when switching seats is a tacbf feature. When switching from driver to gunner, I could see how it is somewhat realistic, as you cannot change seats instantly in real life. However, jumping onto a .50 in the bed of a pickup shouldn't make you look at a black screen for 5 seconds as the game currently does. It's a minor, but extremely annoying feature that is not a part of the base game and shouldn't be a part of tacbf, either.

    I will make a list of all the good (FO) missions so we can get rid of or reduce the frequency of non-FO/insurgency missions (now that I think about it, the insurgency missions may be tolerable if scanner's balance suggestions go into effect).

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol

  • @commie, we can use damage eventhandlers to tweak the damage to vehicles/passengers. Since collisions return nil/empty string in Attacker, we could assume that whenever a player is in a vehicle and has empty string as attacker, it's collision damage and we would return 0 or half damage.

    I'm sure that we'll get some bugs out of it, since damage reporting can be pretty damn glitchy (from my experience in arma 2) but we'll have to try and see how well it works. The only thing to worry about is how damage is reported to passengers, because I think their damage is reported as being attacked by the driver... but I'll have to check.

    As long as the black screen thing isn't "compileFinal"ed we should be able to fix that (I won't check on any TacBF stuff until my summer break in just a couple of weeks now).

    All of the insurgent (search and destroy) missions have hideouts.

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  • From what I saw there's not a whole lot of compilefinals and the init file is executed from the mission and not the config so it's fairly easy to modify stuff. The only thing I'm worried about with editing passenger damage on collisions are conflicts with other types of damage, and it's something that would need a ton of testing so I'm not sure it's worth it. I think that we should see how often it happens with third person and decide whether it's still a problem big enough to persue.

  • I know for a fact it's a big enough problem to pursue... however, I hope it can be at least made so that you don't require a medic for final (100%) treatment.

    Also, we can always have it so that only the driver gets tweaked damage.

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  • Adding to the list of items to include in our TACBF server:

    - Able to pop the enemy in the head after you have injured them to kill them dead dead.. Preventing them from having the option to wait for medic. Forcing the kill like PR had it....

    - Get rid of the FO or Ralley Point blocked by enemy players. Or at least make it require a lot of players. Super annoying that a couple dudes make it so you can spawn there.

    - Make it so you can see the map even when you are hit and bleeding out waiting for a medic. I think it helps make the time waiting for a medic more bearable if you can at least see the map and help talk them to you.

    - Everyone gets a GPS. None of this super secret class to have a GPS crap. For that matter - everyone should have range finders too.

    - I was going to ask for "normal map markers" rather than that big orange marker PR gives us. It appears that it already gives us both though - at least since the last update.. : )

    - It would be great if you could turn off that suppression blur when you are getting shot at.

    - Bladeye notice that on our server he still gets fatigue when setting up bunker materials and stuff. I put him into a fatigue status after that as well....

    - We like matches that have a push and pull - capture and defend for both teams. None of the defend only crap. I think that getting rid of the insurgency maps takes care of that - but just in case.. No defend only. Push pull both teams.

    - Along the same logic as both teams equal weapons and attachments - same should go for helis. One team with helis and one without is B.S. Again - no insurgency might solve that issue..

  • Quote from "SCANNER"

    - Bladeye notice that on our server he still gets fatigue when setting up bunker materials and stuff. I put him into a fatigue status after that as well....

    Commie's method only disabled fatigue for the first life. I already made a method that *limits* fatigue (you will only get fatigued JUST under the point that you stop sprinting), but I just need to make one last refinement and distribute it across all of the missions.

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  • Quote from "eraser1"

    Commie's method only disabled fatigue for the first life. I already made a method that *limits* fatigue (you will only get fatigued JUST under the point that you stop sprinting), but I just need to make one last refinement and distribute it across all of the missions.

    Yeah I haven't gotten around to adding it since I need to edit all the missions.

    Starting gear is really easy to do, if you guys come up with a list of all standardized gear across all classes just leave it here.

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  • One more thing to add to the list: I have a problem trying to get the option to interact with the FO supplies. I think the easiest fix for this is just to manually place the FO boxes out in the open so that there is no need to interact with the FO supplies container. Also, the FO boxes should respawn quickly after they've been taken.

    scanner has made a google spreadsheet with a list of good missions and notes on how to fix the bad ones. I will make a comprehensive list of changes that have been made and those that still need to be made so that all these suggestions aren't spread around all over the place.

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol

  • The problem with laying them out in the open is that they can be destroyed by idiot teammates and/or trolls. It's also (probably) possible that we can have a key that you press whenever you're having trouble accessing something and it scans all of the objects within 10m of you and gives you the option to interact with whatever on that list. This might be more difficult though (and entirely unnecessary, since we can just make the spawned crates indestructible lol). Just a brainstorm really.

    As for the Google sheets: I haven't seen it yet myself (don't think it was shared with me), but you should give each issue a number, and add a tab called "Status" to it. Then commie and I can keep track of the issues we're working on and keep the rest of the group apprised on our progress.

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  • I think it would be easier to just make a key press option if you're within like 10m of the crate rather than make it indestructible. send me a PM with the spreadsheet, post it in the private server topic, or just post it here.

  • not sure if you can still do this in TacBF, but in PR you were able to shoot enemy FO armaments with your rifle to destroy the base. It took a lot of rounds but you could do it.