• so, i know you guys have become used to my sparkling personality always being present in team speak and all the games we are playing, but unfortunately i wont be able to play games for a bit pretty soon.

    i currently live in upstate ny and got a job in raleigh, nc. ill be staying in a hotel for a bit while i search for a cheap apartment. but i wont have my awesome pc, just my old ass laptop, so no real games for me.

    dont worry, as always, ill be back.

    oh, and i dont leave till the 18th, so im not gone yet either.

  • because youre not bringing your awesome pc with, im assuming you either dont plan to keep the job long or you'll be making enough dough to buy another awesome pc after you get settled in (im sure its the latter)

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol

  • ill be in a hotel to start while i look for a place, after i find an apartment ill be moving more stuff down. there is also off site training at somepoint, where i will once again, not have my pc. im waiting till star citizen is closer to release and going to build a new top of the line pc then most likely.