Banned from FR16 for getting in a boat

  • My friend has gotten into this boat before and nothing happened. we found some fuel i swam out to get to the boat and as i got in as driver i was admin banned. If you can unbban me that would be great. my dayz name was Deadpool.

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    Thanks for making a post in the ban appeals section for our server.

    Unfortunately I can't see a reason for this to happen to you legitimately. Here is the log entry:

    24.05.2013 16:26:18: Deadpool (IP:2304) e6fe4cb8dd5e1aa3c65006a8317456e7 - #0 2:28 Smallboat_1 [11208,2569,9]

    The last portion is your location / coordinates. The strange thing about this is that your height is 9 meters above sea level, although the boat is at 0 meters above sea level. One explanation I can think of is that, since those coordinates are right next to drakon is that while on shore at a height of 9 you teleported a boat in front of you.

    That's about as in-depth as I want to get right now, but if you want further explanation of the 1 exception to this I'll leave this link here. However this requires fast movement and desync, I don't believe that a fishing boat can go fast enough, even with desync, to trigger the anti-teleport.

  • OK, well Im not a hacker, i was swimming for about 5 min to get to the boat and when i finally got close enough to it as i scrolled and hit get in as driver i might have appeared a few meters above the boat before it kicked me. I understand if you dont trust me, but this server was a good time setting, and seemed to be popular. I would really appreciate it if i could be unbanned. but if not i get it. If you check on that map log you get youll see i wasnt reporting at any point before. it just happened when i tryed to get into the boat. If theres anything i can do get unbanned please let me know.

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    Unfortunately, this is the way that it goes with DayZ servers, especially public ones. It's the "better off safe than sorry" mentality that I have to use since no players can be trusted. I have no way to verify your claims nor do I have a plausible explanation of why it would be logged as execution of a setPos command, other than what was posted above by me.

    The way filters work is BE logs (on the server side) every remote command that is executed, that has a filter obviously. In this case it was the setPos command and all of its variants (see below) which alters locations of entities in game. All BE does is says, hey this player executed a command on smallboat_1. Be it either of the below:
    player setPos (getPosASL smallboat_1); (bring player to boat)


    smallboat_1 setPos (getPosASL player); (bring boat to player)

  • Ok well that sucks. Perhaps i clicked get in as driver too far away or something. anyway Im sure i wont be the last this happens too. So next time someone has the same situation give them the benefit of the doubt otherwise you may ban another legitimate player. Thanks anyway, I appreciate you getting back to me. I used to run a server too so it can be annoying to deal with all the players issues lol