banned at FR16

  • I got banned (BattlEye: Admin Ban (DAH 01.05.2013 06:10 Ban[ setPos violation]))) while in a car with my friends. I wasn't driving and neither the driver nor the other friend was banned.
    It looked like the car was driving thru walls and fences like it sometimes does, but now when it was supposed to jump into the real driving position what my friends were seeing.. the driving thru walls and fences "clip" played again from the start and soon after I got banned.

    My nick is stnk.

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    Quote from "stnk"

    I was banned because I was riding a car with my friends. How is that bannable offence?

    No you were banned because of the setPos command being used. The only time this has a 1 in a million chance of and having a vehicle is when a teleport is reverted. Now the thing is that when a teleport is reverted it is logged on the server, your name or PID comes up a total of 0.000000 times being logged as reverting a teleport.

    The way that you were logged in a legitimate situation is that you would be the driver, or if the game things you are in a vehicle. 90% of the time when you are a passenger in a vehicle your player while not be recognized as a vehicle. But like I said the game didn't revert a teleport for you so I honestly can't give you a reason as to why, if you are playing legitimately, this would happen.

    That said, illegitimately being logged means you were teleporting a vehicle. Hence why you only get 1 unban.

    There are also a couple other events that trigger this, but instead of it coming up like this in setPos.log:

    01.05.2013 06:10:06: stnk (IP:60825) 16a9aeGUID - #0 2:36 Volha_2_TK_CIV_EP1 [xxx,yyy,zzz]

    It will come up as this (legitimate log):

    30.04.2013 20:08:43: O Rly? (IP:2304) GUID- #3 11:125 Shot [xxx,yyy,zzz]

    Note that all legitimate logs will come up as shot.
    OR it will stay the same as above but also have this in the .RPT:

    2013/04/30, 21:57:20 "TELEPORT REVERT: maxmax (41911861) from [6811.64,2703.05,0.109825] to [0.283477,0.0626588,0.00136185] now at [6811.64,2703.05,0.109825]"

    Read up on what it does here:

    Like Chachi said, take it or leave it...

  • Thanks for the detailed answer, I'll leave it here since the occured event is so rare and don't believe it can happen again to me at least.