Banned from dayz fr16 for ak sd mag

  • Found a ak47 sd mag in electro on a body then while swapping to a new gun put it into a zombie and got banned

    Was hoping that u can unban me ill come on team speak at some point if I'm not unbanned soonish

    If u need any more details or anything just ask

  • Hey commy,

    moocho is a buddy of mine, and I was online as he got banned.

    He simple looted a new gun, and by doing so dropped the ak sd mag he picked up earlier, as soon as he did, he got banned.


  • You should know better than to pick up illegal objects on this server, you will be unbanned buy make sure it doesn't happen again. If you need to see a list of legal objects then go to the DayZ Wiki. It is extremely irritating having to unban people multiple times for the same thing but different object, weapon etc.

    If the mag is in your inventory drop it before joining the server.

  • To be fair, Moocho nor I knew it was an illegal item.

    I stopped playing not long after Scanner etc stopped due to hackers, and since returning there are alot of new items, such as Cut Throat knifes, Toilet paper etc