ban appeal fr 16 [guillaume]

  • Hi. I was banned today 02/03/13 at about 22:45 CET. (01:40 server time) guillaume is my characters name.

    I was in the truck with chaffik (he was driving), and i was lagging very much.
    Then he get out of the truck but still driving on my screen...
    And after a few second a got banned for something like "set position"

    Could you unban me please ?
    And sorry for my bad english to :s

    -- Sun Mar 03, 2013 12:08 am --

    "13:49 (servertime) setpos violation" when i try to connect

  • what is setpos ? i never used cheat man, i ever played on your server last week and you can see i never used hack, i hate these people witch cheat so i'll never use one... Look for your server lag, i had something like 30mbits /s and 20-40 latency on fr 16 but i still got a bad connection tonight. If i loose my time to whrite here it's because i'm not a cheater, And if i was one, do you really think i would like to play on this server again ?

    -- Sun Mar 03, 2013 1:43 am --

    And if i really was using these "setpos" to alter vehicules position, why chaffik (my friend) can still play ?
    One more time guys, i'm sorry but there's an error and next time, you may follow a little more a player before to ban him

  • There is no error, looking through the code and months of logs, nobody has ever used setPos on a vehicle and was legitimate.

    I've become very weary of what players say, their stories, reasons to not hack, etc. in the past couple months.

    I'm banning you because I believe you are a hacker, you can believe you were banned to play it safe.

  • The server was lagging, a restart was done ten minuts ago, it's not my false... yesterday i talked with someone on your teamspeak and the problem could be the new update.
    Can't you see my /played on your server ? It wasn't the first day i was playing yesterday, juste look at my historic.

    I'm sorry to insist but i know i am not a fucking hacker -_-'. And one more time, if i was a hacker, i could go on other servers et do all i want... But it's not possible because read this ==> THERE IS AN ERROR, I didn't cheat


  • Thanks for listening to me, my friend can be these people. His name is chaffik (in game) and i always play with him.
    I don't know if you can see our historic but if you can, you'll see that we never used hacked.
    Then i remember you that i get epic lag in the car... And on my screen, it was like "teleport" but in reality i had a problem of conection or maybe the server... Maybe because of the restart.

    Sry for my bad english :s Can we maybe try to talk on teamspeak tonight with my friend ?