Read Before Reporting a Player

  • So, you've come here to report a player(s); to help us review your report please follow the report format below.

    • Player's name:
    • Time of incident:
    • What happened:
    • Screenshots/videos/evidence [optional]:

    If you need to report a cheater and do not know his/her name please post anyway.

    Please do not post reports based on what other people have said.
    Do not report cheaters from other server, we have no way to obtain proof.
    Do not post scripts/logs/info from other server admins.

    Please copy and past this into your post when creating a cheat report, then fill it out. Thanks.

    [list][*][color=#FF8C00]Player's name:[/color]
    [*][color=#FF8C00]Time of incident:[/color]
    [*][color=#FF8C00]What happened:[/color]