no servers crysis 2 in my screen

  • please some 1 help me.....

    i did disabled my firewall totally....and still i get that fricking warning about a strict firewall....

    but i dont get any servers to join! any1 got a idea?

    portforwarding my router? i did play the demo online with no problems.

  • from the readme.txt after install. seriously you should read these things.


    Game Port Usage

    For all traffic between server and client 'game' port is used
    (default 64100 - net_lobby_gamespy_online_port).

    SDK Service Hostname Type Local Remote

    Available hbmaster3 UDP Any 27900
    NN natserver1 UDP game 27901
    NN natserver2 UDP game 27901
    NN nat neg Game client UDP game game*(other game)
    QR2 hbmaster3 UDP game 27900
    QR2 Incoming queries Game client UDP game Any
    CDKey keymaster UDP game 29910
    SAKE Profile settings/stats TCP Any Any (def:80)
    Chat Any IRC server TCP Any 6667
    GP gpmanager TCP Any 29900
    GP searchmanager TCP Any 29901
    SB gmaster3 TCP Any 28910
    SB Server queries game servers UDP Any game*(target server)
    RSS RSS Feed TCP 80 80

    Default value for 'game' is 64100 (can be adjusted).
    For incoming UDP traffic, only port "game" ( default 64100)
    is required to be opened.

  • haha never had too read those....always a first time.

    thanks. :idea:

    hmmmm never had to adjust my router before, but i tried some ports, no luck.

    64100 is open. any ideas comrade? i use a thomson speedtouch 780.

  • It is open for what? UDP? TCP? Incoming? Outgoing? Those are the other things you need to keep in mind.

    You can try opening 64100 for all and see if it works. If it works, close things off 1 at a time. If it doesn't work, leave them open until you find the problem.

    You can try disabling the router's firewall entirely for a short period of time. See if that works or not but remember to turn it back on after you test it.

    Here is a link to the router user manual if you need it. Lookout, it is slow. PDF file server is located over the big pond.

    overclocked and water cooled mang!

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  • thanks beta, but i did put 64100 open for all, no luck.

    the firewall menu in the thomson is not there, because our internet provider(kpn) have a different firmware without the firewall symbol.

    i read online in forums that you can not update this firmware of modify to a normal 780 speedtouch so i have to do it with the portforwarding..... its strange i did open in first crysis the game port also and never had troubles.

    so totally disable firewall in the modem/router isnt possible...grrrrrrrr


    i removed norton 360 and disabled windows 7 firewall instead.

    then i dont get that fricking warning about strict firewall and i find 1 server :) (are there more already?)

    when i turn windows 7 firewall on and no change so far so good

    then i reinstalled norton 360 and bam BLOCKED!

    in firewall menu i did give crysis permissions, and now i do get a warning but also that same server :)

    now wait untill more servers pop up.

  • i suggest nod 32 smart security for you. to port range forward
    port: 64100
    protocol: UDP you may try both if that doesn't work
    you will not have a source net option like i do, but refer to the pic below.

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  • I use Norton Internet Security and have no problems.

    There are tons of servers. I mean there are like hundreds to sift though on my Crysis 2 multiplayer. Maybe you need to check if it is displaying Local/Internet and also "refresh server list" or something like that in the game.

    overclocked and water cooled mang!

  • icomrade and beta, thanks for your assist,

    yesterday no servers and today i got that warning again but.....all servers show up?

    :roll: so... i can play.....

    EDit: played for 2 hours, got bored already hahaha

    waiting for power struggle maps....or osf server.

    Thanks again guys. :idea:

  • hmm, there is no lan option, otherwise we would play through tunggle or hamachi i would think, because the game is fun when it's fair and competitive. it isn't fair when it's dominated by cloakers and campers.