New App to Become an Old School Fighter #45 from tioga

  • Arson

    he has 8 votes for yes, 8 votes for definite no. is this really a good idea to do this if the majority of people that have posted have said well see and no?

    "12 isnt divisible by 4...." -NecessaryEvil (Dumbass =P)
    "i aint got no link nigga" -NecessaryEvil (RACIST!!)
    "i got a GF in every state" -Gamp(MORMON Polygamists!!!)

    "I dont like having sexual intercourse, I just like knowing that my genitals can pass easily through yours" -Arson633

  • no those r all nos. i didnt include the im not sure yets

    "12 isnt divisible by 4...." -NecessaryEvil (Dumbass =P)
    "i aint got no link nigga" -NecessaryEvil (RACIST!!)
    "i got a GF in every state" -Gamp(MORMON Polygamists!!!)

    "I dont like having sexual intercourse, I just like knowing that my genitals can pass easily through yours" -Arson633

  • I've edited everyone's post who has voted, by adding a "Yes" or "No" at the end. I think icomrade has not clearly specified which way he was voting.

    I count 7 Yes to 7 No

    Sorry tioga, even if 3 more "Yes's" were received, I don't see how you could join with 7 "No's".

    Unless you can get some of your "No" voters to change their vote by convincing them that you're not a faggot, feel free to try again later.

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol

  • you forgot Gamp's yes

    Posted this in another thread and i decided i shud post it here:

    Imo, many of them were for no reason at all. holy and arson gave no reason, nor did ryan. poobar said why join? Now that i think about it i think rip and visk gave reasons

  • hey guys why he got to do his application again he was already a OSF... 8O

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  • Did you guys read the other thread signing out?
    Why would someone apply and start this signing out thread just a couple of days later??? That is retarded!
    Man I think about cancelling my "so far" in front of my "no" vote and changing it into "never"


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  • Personally, this is all fucking ridiculous. BigVisk, I don't appreciate you bulletpointing my name then typing "Dumbass" and whatever else shit you typed next to my name.

    Secondally, if this is a democracy, then we need to act like it. A mature voting system should be appropriate and sufficient to allow someone i.e. (Tioga060) to join OSF. To capitalize on the way you feel about a potential OSF member by calling other OSF members dumbasses along with your other comments is completly inappropriate!

    If the rule stated "10 OSF members needed to vote YES" then that's the rule. But to change the rules after somoene has already applied, is not professional conduct. Technically, if a rule has changed mid-stream, the person who applied should be Grandfathered under the old rules. I understand there are many people who don't approve or agree with Tioga's actions/behaviors etc... but there are others that have voted yes for a reason. There is total discredit going on with OSF members who have voted yes; it shows that we, OSF, do not value the input from our members, which is the wrong message. Whether, its Tioga trying to apply or someone else, treat people fairly is what I am asking and don't ever call me a dumbass again! If you feel I am a dumbass for whatever reasons you have, jump on to TS and explain yourself/rationale behind your comments. While we may not agree on a topic, surely we can agree to treat others with respect!

    -Don (Sniper777)

  • I understand that this whole thing is quite upsetting and I agree that it is unfair to change the rules after someone has submitted their application. However, you can surely understand that it puts OSF in an awkward situation to allow a person to join even though they have as much negative support as they do positive. The rules that have been put in place were created only with the absolute best intentions for OSF and absolutely were not created to keep any one person in particular out. Did tioga cause these new rules to be created? Obviously, yes. His case was a unique one, as he is the first to receive a considerable amount of explicit "No" votes. It would be entirely unfair to ignore the members who have chosen to vote this way. The new requirements are not designed to make anyone feel as though they're being treated unfairly or discredit them in any way.

    I will maintain that making it a requirement to receive more yes's than no's really only makes sense.

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol

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  • snipers right...................... but a lot of us still fucking hate toga for very specific reasons and rejoiced once we KICKED HIM OUT and therefore he shouldnt have the right to reapply when clearly we didnt want him anymore then and the members that were in and a part of that then still dont want to deal with his shit. hes still a fucking piece of shit eating annoying little monkey fucking douchebag that will never be able to change his impish ways and not be a complete prick and an annoying little shit.

    "12 isnt divisible by 4...." -NecessaryEvil (Dumbass =P)
    "i aint got no link nigga" -NecessaryEvil (RACIST!!)
    "i got a GF in every state" -Gamp(MORMON Polygamists!!!)

    "I dont like having sexual intercourse, I just like knowing that my genitals can pass easily through yours" -Arson633

  • To comment on Arson's post, I'd like to say that I do in fact, feel as though I am eligible to apply to re-join, as I've tried to make it a point that I am not an "annoying prick", who does things like ranting on others in these forums.

  • Personally, I don't think changing the rules on someone to restrict their admittance is fair, but that's my opinion, i am not an administrator and i realize decisions as such are difficult for you guys, and i know you guys are just trying to keep everyone happy and do what you think is best, but i don't agree with it. That's the privilege we all have as non admins.

    I thought putting tioga as a trial member(if he got the votes) and evaluating him as such would have been a great idea considering his past history it would have given members and himself the opportunity to prove he was or was not worthy of the full tag.
    Being a trial member anywhere gives the admins the ability to kick someone for being an "imp".

    To address the bullshit:
    Some of you are acting like IMPS in this thread in my opinion and I don't think it reflects very well on us.
    I don't see why its so hard to say No or Yes and give a reason like an adult.
    All this "you are stupid" "you are gay" "i hate you" "i never hit puberty" "i still live in my moms basement" shit is annoying and really immature yet very entertaining to my sadistic side.

    Do i still give him shit? Absolutely, he deserves it for being a human being like all of the rest of you.



    Chachi wan
    Sniper 777


    Arson (dead set)
    Ripley (for now)
    Tsopka (dead set)
    Visk (dead set)
    HolyDiver (dead set) (abandoner)
    DMC_Rulez (dead set)
    Poobar (dead set)

    Wardy (undecided)

    By my count, that's 10 yes 7 no.

    So evil are you saying he can still be trial member with 10 votes yes and 7 no as he would have more yes than no? (I'm still confused) (lol)

    I don't think I would have gotten all votes yes on my app if I wouldn't have gotten in before this voting stuff. :/


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