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    Ventrilo for the win ! I am not Quincy Jones but I could tell the audio on my crappy creative €20 speakers was MUCH better than on TS, almost Skype level.
    Ventrilo is the future, guys 8) *YO!*


    Today Sardus told me he left the ISF clan =] anyway I registered to their site so if they want to play with us they can PM me and I'll translate for you guys. they seem to take clan hierarchies very seriously, here it's much more fun =]

    hope they don't hack of course, gee they are the only big Italian clan, I am sure they are nice players.

    you are very nice DMC. I must say I really love my desktop mic though, it keeps my head free and I use it to record my guitar ugly covers, Skype, all sort of useless things. it's not so bad =]

    Pentaholocaust: geez, what you need something so huge for ? you really must go hunting for something BIG. I agree with your signature about the swivel chair, that's absolutely right, all my biggest decisions always come from a restroom chair, that's the ultimate office.

    I find it more handy to sell my old stuff over the Internet, I really don't trust the idea of having third party background software while I browse the Internet, you never know what kind of information they will collect and how they will handle it on the long run. I thought a safe way for getting a bit of safe money is putting ads on your website. Lockerz seems more interesting, if that site was in Italy I would stay away from it because here they always invent something new to steal you money, but mmm being foreign it could be a serious thing mmmm 8O :idea:

    it was an high quality sound experience even if it didn't solve the problem. now I am pretty sure it's the microphone. I spent 9 precious euros for it, so I am keeping it =]

    I tried looking all over the Internet in the past under "Crysis mic problem/bug" and no result, and TS seems a very solid software as well. So my best guess is that if I had a higher quality mic it wouldn't interfere with the keyboard input. I wonder why it doesn't affect the mouse too. this is where we'd need an IT expert who would probably know where all the peripherals are mapped into the computer RAM and if maybe some addresses are shared with the keyboard, or just know more about USB protocols would come handy.

    I miss both the Italian flag and the guns, maybe I can take a picture while holding my BOSCH electric screwdriver and doing a very scary face mm

    maybe when I'll have something worth to be stolen I'll buy a noob Beretta handgun. :)

    this is me in Tempe, AZ, 3 years ago. It was like 110 F when that pic was taken. HELL hot



    i. e. car going left --> press "A" once and everything would be fine again. I cannot see any correlation to teamspeak :?

    yes I figured that out Ripley but it can be very annoying to do that when you go off a vehicle in the middle of a firefight and unfortunately that doesn't apply to air vehicles.

    the correlation is probably more with the microphone set you use rather than with Teamspeak, even if we can't say that for sure. All I know is that when I don't plug in the mic and TS isn't on I don't encounter the problem. there could be some kind of "crosstalk" between the keyboard and microphone inputs and I can't tell if the software could manage that problem better or not. so yes i could call this "microphone problem" as well.