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    Have i missed sometin???
    Pro is an ex hacker????
    He got kicked out of OSF????
    And hes now hacking again as cryXshot????

    Fuck off no way

    Very disappointing if true, i really like Pro

    I think its stupid that we cant implement a change or a trial on 1 server ie St.L without doin it on another.
    Like come on thats just stupid.

    Im voting yes for a trial basis. I think this poll should be re-done in a a few weeks if Yes vote is past to see if people still want it there

    I am strongly against putting it on 24/7 Mesa server i think only on St.L to see how it goes

    Maybe DX10 :)

    I have to admit i am guilty of not playin in any other server other than Mesa 24/7
    Like today the server was full and i waited till there was a slot instead of login on to UK or St.L

    From now on i will try my best to populate these servers even if it mean sitting there on my own for a while

    Lets have a real bash at this guys we have enough players and fans to do it, others will join if we populate our deserted servers our selfs

    Hey guys XD. Thank you very much XD

    Looking forward to it Evil but i think i'll be hitting Vegas first

    HAHA Rip i think i know what you where trying to say, lá breithlá shonna duit?? Go raibh mile maith agat a cara

    C you soon guys

    I don't understand how Tryton isn't in nOSF i think its insane

    He is clearly a skilled player, wen hes not using fists, he follows the rules hes a sound guy

    When he started there was little English and he didn't speak much but even wit my shity mic i had a good scrim with him yesterday and the conversation was grand. When more players joined we where on the same team and the conversation and team work over TS was grand, English is not an issue now.

    Tryton is nOSF in my eyes theres no reason he shouldn't be, hes been around for a couple of months too

    So would the same time a day later work for you, ward?

    I dont wish for a time that suits me, i was just hoping for another slot tats suits many players so it will be a populated scrim
    And all i can hope for is that i will be able to play on either time regularly.

    Can some1 maybe start a poll on this to find a suitable time/day. There seems to be some interest in a second slot.
    I would but im not sure what time/day parameters would suit the poll

    I'm not sure if i have voted but its a Yes from me. I taught you where in the team already

    Theres no point talking about your gaming skill and attitude, its clearly not an issue
    English is getting much better and you are making a huge effort to improve it
    I believe with time you'll have as good English as any1
    Keep up the good work :P

    I am not going on holiday but i will be absent for a while.
    Today i dislocated my left shoulder so i cant type and mouse at same time ;(

    And after this is healed my exams will be pushing closer so ill have to study not game
    Ill still be around t site and hope to see yous in-game soon

    Wardy :)

    OOOOOOOOOOO YYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEE Rip, ill be spraying everywhere.

    I was thinkin more along the same time on a Sunday or weekday
    Same time cause it sutis both EU/US

    But if another time is better im down with watever

    GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRr i work saturday night :evil:

    I only get off at 10.30 and usually enjoy many pints after words
    Is there much call for a second time/day??

    I voted for 6v6 cause its a pain in t neck

    But dont forget it always a bit of fun to play around wit t PR wen t sever is empty. Aborist and i had good fun there last week with them
    So on tat note there sud be some loop hole to suit tat particular case

    It seems to be decided that a few more weeks of Tioga growing up would be better for the clan, and thus a greater chance for you(Tioga) to get in
    The last thing we want is a divide in the clan over 1 member

    I propose that you, Tioga, make another application in a few weeks time after proving your maturity in game and on TS
    At this time i think it would be best if every1 who votes gives a clear-cut Yes or No maybe with a small 2 liner reason if you feel it necessary.
    The discussion of said matter has been done here and probably continue, on said new application can we try keep it simple to avoid confusion
    What you guys think??

    Oh and Tioga don't rush it, you already have a few Yes's me included if you continue well, still a lot of no's, timing is everything

    I wish to game with Tioga for a bit and hear him in TS before i go either way, but its looking good
    I believe in second chances especially wen some1 has matured like Tioga says

    I vote to indefinitely delete this thread wen its done there is too many negatives in here for the clan

    And Sniper dont take been called a dumbass personally by a fellow clan mate, Visk is a funny guy and hes only taking t piss
    Im pretty sure he was just portraying how blown away he is that Tioga got yes votes
    He knows now your offended by it

    Tioga down to -9 NICE

    LOL i always go on t losing team so i have things to capture
    I HATE spawning wit 100-300 p want to spawn wit 800 asap
    I do give out a lot in game about team stacking because more often than not im on my own fighting 3 or 4 OSF guys
    I do just say 1 of you switch or 1 will and t game will be 100% stacked and turn shit

    The internal clan scrims sounds class, maybe we should set up a poll to aquire 2 seperate times a week this can go ahead

    All us older generation got sick of the kids and taught a mature clan would be better,

    and then the hole paying the server dilema and t emails aswel i suppose gave it tat extra push

    But i remember us complainin bout too many kids XD lol

    Ah tat post is harsh on arson hes matured a lot :wink:, why aren't you ever in game dude

    Tioga is the annoying self righteous kid

    HAHA i remember Cad and Sprafe, dam those kids wer fucked up.
    Im trying to think of other iconic old members, Heineken, Rod, that Captain dude

    Where t fuck is DMC, the man the legend, dude get you ass back to england and game
    Also where the fuck is Holy, do i miss you guys gamin or are you just rarely on

    Eraser had a small point to make, i miss the old days too