Old Roomate Turned Internet Off........FFS!

  • So I told Shibby Friday night I was going reset then internet. I did that and fucking Comcast turned my service off. So I just called and waiting for them to turn it back on(not Comcast fuck them). Wanted to let you guys know I didn't die, lol.

    Hope to be back by Friday the lastest.

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    im confused. so if comcast isnt turning your internet back on, then who is?


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    so your internet is out b/c you're switching ISP's, not b/c your roommate turned the internet off.

    Cause he turned it off and Comcast wont give me my 62 bucks i paied for this month of service that I can't use cause it got turned off. They said I would have to return the modem and they would send the money to my roomate. He owes me 400 bucks, why would i give him 62 bucks? lol