I'll be 4th then :D

  • Its all bluetooth '' giggles''

    Nah, i just let them run through the back of my computer, behind the motherboard basicly.

  • Yeah, too bad i havnt filled up those emty slots below it yet... But to be real honest.. I did set different fan speeds but after that, i dont think i ever touched it again.

  • Is that a full tower? the MB looks tiny in there! :lol:

    A 6950 GPU?

    I will have to post a "night" shot of mine now...blue vs. red.

    "You are what you do, when it counts." - the masao

  • Yeah, its a full tower felix. The HAF 932 to be precise.
    And no, its a 5850 GPU :)

    Hehe, i like the red lights in there.. Although i think blue would've been even better. But the front fan was already covered with red lights,
    could have replaced it i suppose... /lazy

    Also i just noticed, well actually for a while. That there is a blue light on the front of the case, jeeeeez that shit is bright.