New App to Become an Old School Fighter #45 from tioga

  • I think that it depends on what you're reason is for rescinding you're vote,
    if some1 is verry friendly, you vote yes and than he starts to yell at you i think that you may rescind you're vote then

    opinions will differ, but if you got vote for a politician or something, you cant later go back and change it, i think it would just make things simpler if you only had one vote. make up your mind and vote, if your minds not made up, then dont vote yet. Thats another reason i think this thread should be closed and another one started in time when toga thinks he may have garnered more votes.

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  • Another part of the reason I have decided to vote No is because of the fact that I feel as though tioga has only been using us. I feel as though I've been used as nothing more than a client in his test to see if he is liked or not. Certainly, he knew that he would not get votes if he associated with IMPs, so I asked myself why would he put it back in his name? The only logical answer is that he never actually wanted to get back into OSF. He was only trying to cause turmoil within OSF. This entire thing was nothing more than an IMP tactic devised to cause harm to us. And while it certainly may not have done any damage to us, it certainly did waste tons of our time; time spent on making voting procedures and new policy.

    [04:27] CloWn: we are pistol team. lol

  • IMP tactic? Why would imp want to harm osf. Mos't imp members don't even know of OSF.

    I put my imp tags on on bad company two because i was playing with imp members. You all decided to join on me while i was playing with imp members. I only wear the imp tag while i play with them, and i take it off when im not.

    And as I've stated several times, I don't give half a fuck about what others think about me, so this is in no way a test to see if any of you like me.

    Oh and please list what you think is typical behavior of the IMP clan, because i guarantee you that you will find that osf has many of the same traits. What you fail to see is that OSF is becoming exactly what it hates in other clans. Arrogance, insulting others, name calling, talking about others behind their backs. Open your damn eyes.