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    I've been playing on FR16 today and suddenly was kicked for a Setpos restriction #1. Not sure what this is or why it's happened, but it's letting me into other servers, just not FR16.

    Anyone able to help? My ingame name is Zero and it happened around 5:00pm on 14 June (GMT)

    Quote from "icomrade"

    You don't have to send me both a PM and make a thread.

    You have been unbanned, it was a count restriction, so you either have too many items for your inventory or something went wrong. as it's 42 items per second. I have raised it to 52 items per second, but that will take effect next restart.

    Brilliant - thanks for your help :)

    Hi there,

    I tried to join FR16 today and got a kick message (unfortunately I can't remember the exact message). When I tried again I got the following message:

    "You were kicked off the game. (BattlEye: Admin Ban(DAH 06.02.2013 05:21 (Ban[ createVehicleviolation})))"

    I spoke with ROginia on TS today and she said there's been a few false kicks like this. She suggested posting here because no-one was around this morning.

    Can anyone look into this for me please?



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    Do it there are usually a few of us on, if we are in a private channel just poke us and we will move you.

    Brilliant - yeah I'll do that. My friend is "0marshy0". I'll get him to join this forum too. See you in game. :)