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    There is a new applicatant by the name of

    If you have an Xfire account, what is your profile name?

    Membership is on an invitation-only basis. Which OSF member has invited you to make an application?
    : Killacon

    I know the rules on OSF servers and understand that by joining OSF, I am expected to uphold a high level of maturity, respect, and responsibility
    : Yes

    Which is closest to your ambitions regarding applying for =OSF=
    : I plan to participate in practice sessions and play several days per week

    What is your age?
    : 23

    What Country or State do you live in?
    : USA, NC

    Why would you like to join us? What do you hope to get out of being an OSF member?
    I play with a lot of the members and enjoy playing with a group that is on and active and not a bunch of little kids that complain all the time. Im wanting to get better in my fps and learning how to play Crysis a lot better