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    noobs are one thing cad, i dont think we have any noobs. most of osf is around average or above.

    i noticed the other day, when our server was down i played on another, my kdr was 4:1, on osf its usually around 1:1.

    team work can be effective and even if you are teemed up with a noob, use em as a meat shield.

    Really? So if I was to play on a Cali server, where my ping is 30 instead of 180, and play with a bunch of average players, my KDR would be more than 0.5 for once? Because I haven't been on a server besides our clan servers since long before I got cable.

    Yup, although also, if it's a swarm of even 6 noobish fighters (not average or good), teamwork is ineffective. Have you ever taken out like 5 noobs at once by yourself as they swarm in one big unit? It's pretty funny (to me) when I do that.

    I'd rather be a mature background member than the third kid any day. I'm ignoring Holy now.

    EDIT: Past edit deleted. Hey Holy, don't get pissed at me all over again from this post, because the above comment was made before u stopped ignoring me.

    Jesus christ dude, someone is overreacting. Here's an example of what happened, man:

    Someone: OK dude, you're probably losing too many packets.
    Someone else: No, I looked into that.
    Someone: Well FUCK YOU. Quit fucking whining about your damn packet loss and admit you fucking suck!

    P.S. I don't suck. I wasn't whining about shit. I was asking for help with a problem because the help had to come from someone in control of the server. And fuck you, man, if you're going to be like that about it. Your post was very intelligent, so stop acting like I said otherwise. All I said was some things were wrong because you neglected to read a few posts right before yours. And yeah, I know that sounds like I'm insulting you without realizing it, but maybe that's just because I'm pissed at you for overreacting.

    And don't reply with a "How about a nice cup of shut the fuck up" post "cause I'll chop your empty nut sack off."

    The End,

    He's got a point. Actually two--that's why I joined CoP. We are more focused on maturity and fairness rather than focusing on achieving thousands of professional players who suck at being nice :)

    lol Visk :lol:

    loadouts: its easy to change them, just open an editor if you dont want to change them using crysis. Also, the loadouts will still work since you can carry 2 rifles.
    Visit the In´F server to check out default SCAR plus Laser pointer. Its really nice

    Hmm... 2 rifles would come in handy. And I can edit loadouts without Crysis? !!!!! I always deeply hated Crysis's buy menu and glitchy buy system, loadout editor included. Sweet, thanks for that info.

    1.5 nay, because I have four or five loadouts, all of which I love to use, and the SCAR is only in one. I don't want to spawn with a SCAR every time. Tioga's right, and just because most of OSF only uses a SCAR anyway doesn't mean the same applies to other players who would join our server.

    No offense Holy. but many things in that post were pretty damn wrong...

    I honestly think its a load of bullshit. If you want better performance, you need 1. A new machine. 2. New Internet. I'm certain that the performance change (for modding packetrate) is .1% to 0% that you will notice. It's probably not good to fuck around with shit that works.....

    My machine can handle Crysis Warhead on half-low half-medium settings at 60 FPS, and my internet is good enough to give me a ping under 50 on nearby servers. The problem is I'm connecting to Amsterdam from the west coast, something no one else in the clan is doing besides Toga. If I run into an enemy head on around a corner or through a door, I will lose unless he can't aim and/or fired 1+ second(s) after he saw me. Also also, in every game I play online, setting the packet rate to 66 removes any delay there might be, and yes, those servers are meant for that. In fact, Crysis is the only game where players aren't forced by most servers to set their rates to different numbers, because a packet rate of 30 (the default for most games) is actually not the correct setting for any type of internet most people use.

    Since the Web definitions for packet rate is...
    The number of data packets processed per second by a server.

    It's really up in there air about how it should be set at. You would think it's a small problem but its not. By changing the packetrate to what Cad' wants you are only helping cad (and any one else with a shitty internet/LINUX) By lowering it the game server is processing less packets. which really should make everything worse for everybody else. By raising it the server should run even better, Im sure there is a limit on the server though where it server starts to become over loaded.

    If you were ever listening to the stuff that nobody cares about, you would've saved yourself from saying something so false, Holy. Evil has change the server's tolerance. The server will be the same, all that's different now is what the client can do. It won't affect you unless you change your own packet rate. Also, I started dual-booting with Windows months ago because Linux wouldn't run any games that worked fine on my last Linux machine, and I upgraded to cable a long time ago.

    Packet loss: Packet loss occurs when one or more packets of data traveling across a computer network fail to reach their destination. Packet loss is distinguished as one of the three main error types encountered in digital communications; the other two being bit error and spurious packets caused due to noise.

    It sounds like Cad has packet loss and thats why changing the packet rate for him effects him.

    Don't worry dude, I've already looked into my packet loss, and it's not any different from anyone else's.

    Cad, I would be interested in seeing your Speed Test Results.

    ALSO: Spam might not be the best place for this forum, Maybe we should open a Tech. Section.

    I put this in SPAM because I was expecting Evil to say "Thanks for that Cad, but nobody cares" again.

    Yeah I agree with Snowy on the music.

    So... I've been launching sandbox a lot but so far all I've done in Mesa is random little things that are useless, like spawning AIs and messing with their stats and them. I need ideas; I can't think of anything cool to do to Mesa.

    As long as they don't baserape, having only your base is really not bad, esp. if someone buys a spawn truck. I think it might not be a good idea to alienate players by punishing them for that. Plus, I mostly leave the last bunker there when it's OSF vs. OSF and we just want to hang out in the Proto.