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    That happened last night, after I went to bed, didn't it? Aww... Well at least I wasn't there to take up a slot, looks like you had a full house there.

    I know that if you lag enough to get a disconnection icon, even if it's so quick that you don't actually see the icon, if you're pressing a button during the disconnection, Crysis will act like that button is pressed down forever until you press it again.

    to tell you the truth ppl im extremely sympathetic (WITH THE SYM HOLY) and i feel bad for someone even if they pissed me off a day ago so yea i feel bad for cad i understand his view but i need to look into that more to find out whats right and wrong, im not saying any1 is wrong here (except toga) but i just need to maybe look into it.

    I pissed you off?

    And Holy, just fucking stop. It's bad enough a good friend decided he hates me, but now I have to take his shit every day. How the fuck do you think I feel man? I haven't wronged you, so I don't know what your problem is...

    So you insult me nonstop and tell me to suck it up... How would you like it if somebody shot you almost to death and told you to suck it up?

    Bro i get picked on too. its all good in the hood. just roll with the punches and instead of getting mad, think of a comeback that will have them staggering like, hey holy, bro i heard u like it up the ass so i gave u this buttplug so u can enjoy ur lonely nights LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

    Toga, then they get pissed at me for talking about something besides the game.

    Evil, I think I might know why Holy suddenly hates me so much. In Xfire he spent hours telling me to leave the clan over and over, and his only reason for it was this post by me:

    What's all this then?

    He's convinced that only losers who are full of themselves say "what's all this then." It seems like he knows an asshole who says that and he was obsessed with calling me a fag for saying it. So apparently I brought this on me by quoting Futurama...

    Something needs to be done to get Holy to fucking stop picking on me. Just anything, because I can't take it anymore. Holy, I come in TS to hang out and have fun, then you come in every night and just fucking ruin my day. You get me all riled up and make me feel horrible, then you get me to piss everyone else off and then I'm the outcast who doesn't get to hang out with anybody. It fucking sucks.

    And guys, I know you don't like hearing that shit when you're playing, but cut me a little slack here. I'm constantly getting picked on by someone I used to think was great and fun to hang out with. I'm sitting here feeling betrayed, sad, pissed, and all these negative emotions and whenever I defend myself from Holy I get yelled at from everyone else. So what, you don't mind hearing Holy diss me but as soon as I talk hell has broken loose?

    And Evil, in fact, everyone, stop fucking telling me not to whine or complain. I whine and complain because I get ALL THE SHIT. Nobody else gets picked on like I do here, and nobody's cutting me any slack. And I don't get to take a Crysis death lying down, or else everyone starts picking on me for sucking. You know what? I'm a casual player. At a ping of 200 my KDR will be 0.5. And I'm fucking fine with it. I'm fucking fine with myself. I will not constantly think of some kind of excuse as to how I died, since you make fun of me for something no matter what I do anyway. I really wish I could say, it's just the internet, I'll ditch these guys and find some new friends, but I've been here for a year, I've made a lot of friends here. I don't like that it's being fucked up.

    Holy, just what the fuck is your problem? Why do you have to keep giving me shit for things you do way MORE than I do?!

    ...Hey, wait a minute. I just realized you talk down to people sometimes.

    Oh man, I'm listening to you now in TS. It's insane what kinda crap you're saying constantly... It's the kind of humor where usually I'm laughing and everyone else is staring at me, ready to yell at me for being different. It's the kind of shit that you say is why you're being such an ass to me. Stop being a fucking hypocrite, Holy. Either be a decent person or just ignore me completely. Because this bad attitude thing where you act nice to everyone and talk down to me is ridiculous, and childish. Yeah, yeah, I know, you and I are kids. But what you're doing is a lot more childish than our age, so...


    OK, now you're fucking insulting me constantly. Lay off, fuck off, screw off, do whatever you want that gets you off of me!

    I still can't find where the fuck the games are. In fact, the only method of getting PTZ I can find is inviting people. The amount who would be interested that I e-mailed aren't quite 20, and none of them have replied yet. Some of them might never reply.

    I would like to know why eraser stopped wearing the OSF tag in the first place, even though he still participates in the clan (besides not going on TS anymore), and why when I asked him that one time, everybody in TS started yelling at me as if I was intruding on his private business or something...