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    All is fair in love and WAR :twisted:


    This was a nice friendly mature way to sort out a problem/disagreement
    Why cant everything be done like this(dam kids :x )

    Guys let me use the moderator powers and show you the No 7 which was there before Tioga edited his own post:

    7. New bed clothes next to the fake monitor:…5VA4Q/ref=pd_bxgy_k_img_b

    HAHA classic Rip, nice 1

    Ah i believe that the religion has gone out of Christmas, for the majority anyway
    I for 1 dont believe in any religion but think Christmas is a nice holiday, it brings out the best in people

    Tioga me thinks you may be a bit spoilt, and your attidude shows it

    As far as i no Snowy ypu where 100% right to continue shooting Pointer.
    If a vtol, chopper or even infantry fire in/out of base kill away

    Its highlighted in rule 3.3 there once you fire your pretection is gone,
    if it wasn't so a sniper could snipe from base all day and the rules wouldnt allow you to shoot him

    Pointer was wrong to kick you from chopper but im sure he didn't know

    HAHAHA pointer epic photo tats funny shit man

    Suppose didnt change much youd still no it was me
    Just look a little older, and yes probably bigger to from my drinking habbits
    Thanks for pointing that out XD

    You are 1 crazy fuck Rip, I bungee jump and parachute but man i would not be doin cliffhanger shit
    Shit fool you crazy

    LMFAO :lol: tats not too far off except she has blonde hair

    I wouldnt be suprised if Lc looked tat cool XD

    Ye im queit worried now about overly excited kids like Holy and Arson havin pictures of me and my girlfriend
    And how they came across tem i cant remember

    Still waiting for these pictures to be posted up

    He cant spell very well from some1 as GREAT as he claims he is

    meny meny friend
    Surely you mean many

    "Relly" BigDick what have ya gone and done now, fuck sake cant bring you anywhere :lol:

    Lc XD wats up dude

    Ah you where always an OSF anyway XD

    Its gona be weird seeing you play as Lc and not Flop :(
    you where like t only Flop tat was good haha

    yeah V i no its sucks XD

    And holy wtf you have a picture of me, tats kinda creepy
    And wwhat 1??

    Nah i'll find a way, ill just put a link to my facebook pictures if its still fucked up

    Well tat kinda sucks

    You shouldn't have to leave just cause you get ripped on

    Im sure youll find if you log back on in a few months you'll see some else being picked on
    Its the way t world works theres always 1

    :lol: intense shit goin on here very amusing

    Any1 else notice that Holy Arson and Cad are the main kids around here
    and oddly enough

    before Cad came along Arson and Holy hurled abuse at each other
    now they have a tag team goin on Cad

    I think its some sort of BattleOftheKids goin on to be t main kid cat amoung us older dudes

    Thats some deep shit man,
    i love being high :?

    Yeah id be game for tat, and even if people dont use scars they still spawn with 800 anyway as there used to to buy what they want

    The scar is just an added bonus, dropped it and work away with your normal 800, i really dont see Tiogas arguement.

    I was on this server once and it had a cool mod that you couldnt take damage when you spawn in bunker till you step out and you couldnt damage from shooting out of the bunker until you steped out, was a safe zone like spawning at base.
    Not sure if it would work in long run but was good to see

    How about modding the strength punch, i HATE tat SHIT