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    "lol it does not belong here but I clicked on Lc´s picture to see what that is and it opens a page saying "Interests: NecessaryEvil" "

    LOL what?! I'm sure I've never touched my profile here :lol:
    I guess it could be worse...

    Hey I still remember the first day I joined cop and played in a full server, I was spectating right over the garages in Mesa and evil, who had joined a few days before that, asked "Is Lc in cop now?". Perfect light had recruited me a day earlier...good times lol. I also remember scanner walking around for hours with his radar, trying to find DMC in his gauss tank. It was fun

    I'm holding back because of last night's game, where you were running into my grenades and fire in speed mode just so you could strength punch people. It's not against the server rules but the basic and most obvious rule of a clan is at least decent teamwork, and you were doing exactly the opposite. I'm not saying it's definitely a no but if I see you doing that again, you're definitely getting a no from me. Apart from that I think you're fine but I feel that not everyone here is ok with the idea of you coming back so that's another reason for me to wait before I give a definite vote.

    Nice work guys! My computer kept crashing so I couldn't stay there, I'll have to check if CW is somehow causing it. ah and apparently they caught me with autoaim in their server :lol:

    Well, I proposed a deal that would work like this:
    1. Meekakity would be banned for a week.
    2. Sidious would be un-banned in the same week.
    3. depending on his behavior he will be re-banned or allowed to play.

    Meeka and sidious both agreed, but we need a unanimous vote (by the clan members that voted to ban him) to un-ban him.

    One cookie for you, icomrade.

    I've talked to sidious myself and I agree that he might deserve a chance. However, risking having two hardcore campers in the server at the same time would be a bad idea so I say it's either sidious or meekakitty, and right now (believe it or not) my vote is yes for unbanning sidious and banning meeka temporarily.

    uhh yea I'm one of those clueless nukers. :oops:

    It seems like that's where I was standing, but it didn't work.

    This topic was a good idea, I'd like to get some pics for both bases on training too.

    haha yea, maybe you just aimed at the wrong spot...if you aim at the big red icon you'll hit the turret in front of it so just aim at the part in that green square and it will definitely work. I hadn't nuked in that map in almost a year and it still worked on the first shot, so don't worry about it :wink:

    Hey guys, I'm starting this topic so if anyone has any problems nuking in maps like plantation, training or anywhere else, we can take screenshots, highlight the target and post it here. I don't nuke very often but I'll start by posting a picture of the US base in the map Plantation, where there were like 4 guys trying really hard to end the game at some point lol.


    Boot fuck lol, i bet there is some nasty porn involving a boot somewere on the internet lolz.

    I think sidious just lags...not hacks. Hackers get the instant "Boot Fuck" but it sounds like sidious insulted our clan. He is apoligizing. I know a lot of us feel angered or repulsed by some of the shit he has said but i see just a bunch of mumble jumble because he was mad at evil and wanted to "flame" him by insulting the entire clan. Uhh i guess i would give him an extra shot at playing on our server but dont get me wrong if i heard insults directed towards the clan or me i would ban him myself (if i even had the power to kick a hacker).

    Sorry robo, but it's not that simple. He only apologised because he was asked to, or because someone here mentioned that he wasn't even apologising so that flipped the "oh I forgot that one" switch on him. It would take a lot more than a "ok guys I'm sorry now unban me please" to convince me that he's not the same dickhead he used to be. He's the kind of player who would use speed mode and glitches against someone who has hardly 2 hours in the game, I don't see what's the point on letting someone like that get back in the server. Having a player that's better than average surely increases the competition level and makes the game more fun in my opinion, but not when he tends to insult everyone and be an idiot...and no, sidious doesn't hack, the problem with him is his behaviour and glitching, but I think glitching could be excused if his behaviour in game was acceptable.

    If it's only about you being banned, why did you post personal xfire conversations with Evil? Anyway, icomrade said it all...nice try kid.