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    So, my PC is a hurting unit. the mobo died, and after replacing it it still freezes up occasionally. now the good news.

    I just won a pretty big case and am going to get a bunch of money, i will be setting aside around $1500 to buy a computer. im a tad busy right now trying to wrap up my law practice, get a 9-5ish job, and get the house ready for my soon to be born baby.

    So, i dont think i will have much time to build and fiddle around with a computer, so need one completely built. i just need the pc, have monitors/etc.

    So, sense i havent bought a premade pc in nearly a decade, where are some good/reasonable places.

    Thanks, id like to get back to PC gaming sometime soon.

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    If you're in a hurry and the duct tape route is really what you're interested in, then I think this one will do and it's $20 lol (plus $5 shipping)

    Looks like it has a single pci-e x16 slot for one of your 5850's and it says it supports Core 2 quads :wink: the only problem could be the lack of ram slots. If you have 1GB modules, then 2GB total might not be enough. If you currently have 2GB modules, then 4GB total is all you need for gaming and you'll be golden.

    link to b-stock page:

    well, i got tired of waiting for the other one, so i just ordered this. hopefully it will work. i do have 2gb ram modules, should be good to go.

    yes, i am basically putting duct tape over the hole in my boat, but cant afford to redo the computer just yet. gotta get all the use out of it i can. i set it to notify me when that mobo comes in and i will likely buy it.


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    Striker Extreme...that's a socket 775 board? Do you plan on replacing the just the mobo or are you gonna go 1155?

    yes, its a 775. i will probably buy another 775. when i am ready to upgrade to a new pc i will do it all at once. i still have ddr2 ram, and when i upgrade will be getting ddr3. but can not afford all that at the moment.

    i have a striker extreme mobo, the lights are on there to make it easier to do stuff. there is a power button, a reset button, and a clr/cmos button (these three are not lighting up, only the blue lights "strategically placed to help you work on the mobo" are lighting up. i think its dead.

    i removed cpu, video card, sound card, unplugged hard drives. plugged in power supply, got nothing, no beeps or anything. the blue led's on my mother board light up, no fans turn though.

    when i plugged it in to my wifes pc, the fans turned and the fan on the power supply turned. does it sound like a mobo issue?

    thanks yoda, ill try that when i get back, i just tested my power supply in my wifes computer and it worked, so ill go through all of that later.

    Ok, So my desktop is dead. This is what happened.

    Occasionally, especially while gaming, but more recently even in idle, my computer would freeze up and i would have to turn it off and restart it. well, then it just would not restart. It would begin to turn on, but would not boot up. I thought maybe my cpu cooling was bad, i had a factory cooler on there that i put on after my water cooling crapped out a few years ago. So i thought i would clean it up and put on a new cooler. Did that but then my PC wouldnt even turn on. The mother board would light up (it has some blue leds on it) but would not power on at all. So i am wondering what you guys think. Now the blue leds dont light up at all, i am thinking either my power supply is shot or my mother board is shot. Is there any way to figure it out, unfortunately i do not have another power supply laying around, but i do have some old ass mother boards.

    Im afraid if i buy a new power supply it will have been my mother board. unfortunately i dont have the money to buy both a power supply and a mother board/cpu so i need to diagnose the problem as cheaply as possible.

    The computer is over three years old.

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