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    it works cad, perhaps your counting is bad.

    just because every vote you see is yes, doesnt mean half the people playing voted. if they do, map change.

    haha, i was on with some new guy named punisher the other day, and chachi, but my awesomeness scared them away

    weve had this discussion a few times already, may be better served by bringing back up an old topic.

    i for one, am down for change, perhaps a rotation of other PS maps of similiar size.

    so, before evil told me the code to run a tracer from my "run" command, to determine the speed and where hangups might be in my connection to the server. so, what is that code, i upgraded my internet and want to see if it makes any difference on our server, being across the pond.


    with friends like tioga on your side, who needs enemies.

    anyways, the picture is probably a joke man, who cares.

    i think i respect you as much as i do the general population of osf members, thats one step above arson, and a step below a few people.

    course, i been so damn busy lately i havent had much time to freaking play, hopefully it will calm down soon cause i need to kill people. (in the game, not irl, yet)

    hmm, do i have admin, what does admin do, i think i have it, interesting.

    anyways, ive found maybe 5 instances where i had to use admin powers in the past, im not sure how long i was a member before i got it, maybe 3/4 months.

    i dont understand why you crave it so much, sometimes its honestly more of a hassle than anything else.

    i get a lot of, is there an admin on, this guy hurts my feelings shit.

    ive had to defend oval many times, especially when hes using all these gay ass fucking names, chryst (pun intended) use the same name, it would be easier.

    but, again, i understand why you change it up, kind of a fresh slate so to speak.

    anyways, i have never seen any p[roof or really anything that shows me that oval was hacking, and ive spectated that bitch (term of endearment) numerous times, expecially under other names.

    i havent been on in the past two weeks give or take, because of the move/wedding/camping, etc. but i should be back on soon.

    i dont know what all the beef is with ovals attitude etc either, i guess i just was never in TS when this was going down, but i know he pissed off a lot of people with it, so yall will have to figure that out i guess.

    but, ive never kicked oval, and have defended him, but i do wish you would just use one freaking name,/ :). ill be interested to see how this plays out, maybe ill get that alias tracker shit going if i can find it figure it out. sometimes i just pretend to have it :).

    ugh great..... another immature little loud mouth squeaky voice annoying 14 year old BRITISH KID!!....... JK!(but not really) (but maybe a little) o_O =D welcome >=)

    heads up now, and this is coming from most of the clan apparently "Im an Asshole" pfft but wut do they know? =P

    comming from our mascot, the 13 yr old immature little loud mouth squeaky voice annoying american kid. j/k, nah, not really.

    dont listen to arson.

    its statistically impossible for everyones kdr to be less than 1, unless a bunch of evils were ripping it up and all left :).

    anyways, im down for whatever, but id prefer maybe a more stable map list, some of the big open ones like mesa and other ones that can be server voted, or loaded in by an admin. thing is, with changing maps, there now is more of a point in ending one battle so another can start.

    i too liked waterworld, great concept, and good movie i thought.

    anyways, some of you may have noticed, or not, that ive been away for a while.

    i just finished taking the bar exam (to day test) and am now goign to begin the process of moving, so we will see how it goes.

    will be on a little bit sunday/monday, but then i am packing up the computer and moving and not sure when i will be able to game again, cause im going camping the 9-16th, so, ya, probably be a while.

    But maybe it kicks ass more because of the beefy video card than b/c of the expensive i7 processor?

    that is very likely. i remember, that at one point, processors were the bottlenecks, meaning your graphics card could theoretically run games faster, but processors could not kepe up.

    but, after the duo/quad cores, i think i read it switched. now processors far outscale our graphics processors. meaning, if you have top of the line both, you wont necessarily be getting the most out of your processor, because the graphics card cant keep up.

    however, some new games i believe are spreading out the "work" better, so that it is more proportionately spread out, resulting in everything being more fully utilized, and a better experience.