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    ill be in a hotel to start while i look for a place, after i find an apartment ill be moving more stuff down. there is also off site training at somepoint, where i will once again, not have my pc. im waiting till star citizen is closer to release and going to build a new top of the line pc then most likely.

    so, i know you guys have become used to my sparkling personality always being present in team speak and all the games we are playing, but unfortunately i wont be able to play games for a bit pretty soon.

    i currently live in upstate ny and got a job in raleigh, nc. ill be staying in a hotel for a bit while i search for a cheap apartment. but i wont have my awesome pc, just my old ass laptop, so no real games for me.

    dont worry, as always, ill be back.

    oh, and i dont leave till the 18th, so im not gone yet either.

    have fun, i quite often stop playing for long periods of time. osf is not a bunch of girls (well most of us, holy) you have to keep in touch with all the time. but do what you gotta do man, ive left for LONG periods of time, and just figure out what new game everyone is sucking in and get playing again.

    do, just letting you sissy little girls know i did not abandon you, again. my water cooling pump up and died (3 years old, it happens). i ordered a new one, had to get a different model, and ordered the wrong one. sending that back and should get the new one friday. hopefully instal it and get back to gaming soon.

    on a side note, i am catching up on all my household chores.

    well that sucks, i played a little planetside beta, was not impressed. i downloaded epoch but havent played. maybe ill get in ts one of these days i have some time and see whats going on.

    so, i havent been playing many games for a while. was not a big fan of bf4, and just been busy being a dad, work, etc, etc. i remember dayz being fun, and watching some alpha vids on youtube, as i type this, and seems it will still be fun.

    i havent been following its development so figured id check in with the pros, and you guys as well.

    what are yall playing atm?

    your big chopper will be back in game today if anyone wants to get on an look for it, i think the first chance at a spawn is after the next restart.

    Im back.

    Got my new pc put together thursday night, download/installed all the crap and bought and download BF3. for some reason i could not log in to this origin with my old ea store id of bigvisk, i dont know why, but i cant and my other games i bought through their are i guess gone. i dont have access to the email that i used when i created the account (it was a long freaking time ago).

    my current name is wodanza (it is a name i used to go by in MMO's and is awesome)

    i sent evil a friend invite cause i found how he spelt his name on the forums yesterday.

    I hope to get in and get my game on with you ladies soon.

    unfortunately crysis and crysis wars are currently lost in the mess that is my room, on the plus side i found crysis 2, a lot of good that does me.

    just got an email for to pre-order crysis 3. well, that is not going to happen. i pre-ordered crysis 2 and regretted it big time. oh well.

    It uses cryengine 3, which i think is the same one that was used for crysis 2, not sure. ill watch it, but crysis 2 was to consoley for me.

    oh boy. still deciding what to order but hope to be up and running around may. really just deciding on how much money i want to allocate to a new pc. do i want to spend 500-700 and just get up and running, do i want to spend 1200-1500 and have a much better pc, or do i want to spend 2000 and get all top of the line. my mind says 500, but my heart says spend it all.

    I still have some firearms, a canoe, and a mountain bike that i want to buy as well. so we shall see.

    How has everyone been doing lately?

    for those who didnt know my wife was preggers, well, she is not anymore. my son is just over 3 weeks old.

    for those who dont know i am an attorney working for myself. Well, i sold off half of my practice, for not nearly enough money, and will be working from home while watching my baby.

    for those who dont know, my computer shit the bed real bad and died and i could not afford to replace parts for it. Well, after selling off part of my practice, and paying bills, etc, i had enough to buy some new toys, including buying new parts for my pc.

    I have to buy a new cpu/mb/ram/powersupply. so, that is what i will be doing, and then between changing diapers and working, and cleaning, and feeding, i hope to play some video games.

    What games are you girls still playing? Also, are these Solid State Drives worth anything, might pick one up if they are.

    hope to see you guys in game in a 3-4 weeks or so.