=OSF= PR Rules

  • Server Rules

    01. Do NOT Create Squads Before 01:30
    02. Do NOT Use Heavy Assets Before 15 vs 15 Active Players
    03. Squad Asset Rule = Name Your Squad After It's Role (CAS, TRANS, TANK, etc.) - FIrst Come, First Served
    04. Do NOT Use The Vehicles Unless You Know How To; Especially Aircraft
    05. Do NOT Solo The Vehicles Nor Use It As A Taxi
    06. Do NOT Team Kill Nor Force A Team Kill
    07. Do NOT Insult Other Players
    08. Do NOT Attack Mainbases With Anything At Any-time
    09. Do NOT Disrupt The Gameplay Of Other Players
    10. Do NOT Rush Past The Middle Flag Of The Map At The Beginning Of The Round
    11. Do NOT Fly Unless You Have Experience
    12. Do NOT Lock INFANTRY Squads Below 6 Players
    13. All Squad Leaders Must Use Mumble & Speak English
    14. If A Squad Is Available Join It